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Our Story

Our dogs are more than just dogs to us. They are our best friends and members of our families. We treat them like we treat ourselves. Since we live happy, healthy, active lifestyles, we wanted the same for them. Committed to buying only toys and chews made in the USA, we couldn't find them in Phoenix and Scottsdale Arizona.

After wasting a lot of money, time and energy, Oliver's unhappiness over his chewed up ball with no new ball replacement in sight, Samantha's hunger strike over chews, and Ruby's need for tasty but grain-free treats, we were completely and utterly frustrated.

That's when we realized that if were having this much difficulty finding healthy and safe products, other pet parents must be experiencing the same frustrations. And thats how Simply Dog USA was born.

Just like you, as pet parents, we want the same thing - happy, healthy dogs. That's why here at Simply Dog USA, all our products are sourced and made in America with ♡. We hope you believe as we do that what you give your dog matters!

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